Where Do We Begin?

Where Do We Begin?

Once an agreement between your business and Sweet Chix VA is made - we begin working for you immediately!

Step 1a:  Blogger Reviews and Giveaways

  Literally one of the greatest ways to promote a product is with blogger reviews.    Customers want to know what someone (besides the company) is saying   about it.  We   have an amazing network of homeschool bloggers (the premier   homeschool bloggers) we hire for you.  You choose the product, the number of   reviews (with giveaways), and your budget  -  we take care of the rest.    Beginning this process at the start ensures your “Social Media Blitz” is timed   just right with the unveiling of your new Social Media outlets!  We need time for   bloggers to sign up, receive products from you, review and post (all scheduled   by Sweet Chix VA).  Don’t overlook the giveaway  -  nothing gets potential   customers to notice you faster!
  Time Needed:  45 Days

Step 1b:  Your Social Media Setup

  We attain your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram   accounts and brand them.  This list can be tailored to your taste of course.  We   recommend beginning with at least the first 3-4 accounts to truly establish   your Social Media presence though.  Once your accounts are in place we will   send you the links to add to your websites.

  Time Needed:  1  -  2 Days

Step 2:  Graphics

  Normally provided by our clients (we will provide all the specs for you) we are   capable of creating these fro you as well.  If this is a service you will need   please email us ASAP.  You   want these graphics to be consistent on all your   accounts for true branding to take place.  Nice crisp images that scream out   your business.
  Time Needed:  1  - 2 Days  *Once we receive graphics or approval on graphics.

Step 3:  Soft Open

  As soon as your accounts are set up we will begin posting and tweeting from   each one.  We want to begin as if we have thousands of followers already, so   creating a schedule will be a priority.  We privately invite a select group of   bloggers to help you get your first 50+ on each account.  Customers want to   see an active account before they jump on board with liking and following.

  *Pinterest:  This is always the major whopper in the setting up phase.  Pinning   all of your products and resources is an absolute necessity though.  During   the set up and soft open we will establish 20  -  25 boards for your with a   minimum of 20 pins on each one.  Don’t worry, we will work with you on what   boards you should have.  Depending on the amount of products and   resources you offer, we will continue pinning each one as a priority after the   open as well (no product left behind).
  Time Needed:  1  -  2 Weeks (Pinterest will vary)

You Have Arrived  -  Party Time

Now that we are all set up and have established your Social Media accounts  -  it’s time to cut the ribbon!  Time to let the Social Media World know you have arrived!  That means  -  it’s time to PARTY
This is usually within 30  -  45 days of Sweet Chix VA signing on!  Remember those Blogger Reviews and Giveaways?  We want those to run at least a week or two before we have our first party either on Facebook or Twitter. 
No matter where we hold the party we always suggest keeping them to a one hour block of time.  Yes, you will see parties lasting 2 hours but our experience (and feedback) has been that people are busy and lose interest if you party lasts much more than an hour. 

How does this work?

Every party needs some goodies.  You choose 5  -  10 prizes you’d like to giveaway.  We will work together on questions to ask or tasks to complete (staying within each sites guidelines).  We randomly choose a winner for each prize and ask the winner to contact us with their information. 

These parties are fast paced and super fun  -   and you’re customers LOVE them!  It’s also an amazing way to reach even more customers very quickly.  Because of the speed of these parties and the amount of people attending them we do require a team of 2  -  3 Sweet Chix VA’s to work each one.  There is a lot of prep work before the party and creating relationships after the party  -  but that’s what you have Sweet Chix VA’s for!

So are you ready?  I thought so!  Contact Meg today for all of today's current pricing and availability:  Meg@SweetChixVA.com

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