Social Media Setup:   Please Contact for Pricing
  Pinterest  -  Facebook  -  Twitter  -  Google+  -  YouTube  -  Instagram
  This is for the initial setup and does not include pinning or posting on   accounts.
  *This does not include creating graphics.  Please contact for pricing.

Blogger Reviews:   Prices will vary.  It will depend on the amount of bloggers you are looking for.  We   will always provide an estimate before beginning this step.

Facebook & Twitter Parties:   Please Contact for Pricing
  This price reflects the length of the actual party.  It includes all the prep   work/research needed before it begins, the actual party, and creating   relationships afterwards.  It also includes our team of 2  -  3 Sweet Chix VA’s   running the party.

Day to Day Operations:  Please Contact for Pricing
  We want you active in Social Media every day!  To do this we dedicate 10 hours   a week to building your Social Media presence.  You can choose to pre-pay per   week or per month.

Pinterest Setup:  Please Contact for Pricing

  Since this will vary for each business we consider this a separate setup.  You   can expect 30  -  40 pins per hour until completion.  Once we have pinned   your entire resource and product line Pinterest will be included in your day to   day operations.

For ALL pricing inquiries please contact Meg at:

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