Social Media Breakdown

Pinterest:  One of the most overlooked Social Media outlets by businesses right now.  Did   you know that Pinterest has more active accounts than Facebook, Twitter and   Google+ combined?  Bloggers and websites alike are reporting 55-65% of their   site referrals are coming from Pinterest.  That’s a number you can not afford to   ignore!

Facebook:  Whether you’re personally on Facebook or not you have heard of it.  It’s   impossible not to.  That’s what makes it the perfect place to grow a   community and relationships with your customers  -  they’re already there! 

Twitter:  Twitter is a fast paced world.  Information is flying and if you’re not active you   will be skipped right over.  While Facebook is a very visual site Twitter is all   about what you have to say and in as few a words as possible.

Google+:  Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter is truly becoming a contender in the   Social Media market.  Super visual and easy to share makes it a fantastic   place for your business to grow and reach many.

YouTube:  Moving up in popularity, YouTube is a great outlet to share your free tutorials   and how to's.  You can even create channels with a monthly subscription fee.

Instagram:   While not many businesses have jumped on board yet  -  your customers are   already hooked!  This is a great place to share photos of your products in   action and is an absolute marketing dream.

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